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I wanna Be Lyrics

Universal Language
The Merchants
Arkanu Keykuo
Back On Tukon
Chased By Eiffel65
Zorotl Meets Eiffel65

Meet the crew

The Starship Adisak

"I Wanna Be"
Zorotl, the famous scientist from Tukon4 , is now releasing a new sound event, experimenting, as usual every musical components, in the perpetual research of the UNIVERSAL language .
The Sound event talk about the adventure of Zorotl on the Planet DURAI, home of the evil King KangYao
Have a look at the the DURAI People
Who is Zorotlekuykauo Sushik IV ?
Probably you saw him for the first time while he was singing with Eiffel 65 on a memorable concert on Tukon4, or you saw him in the video of "Move your Body", but do you really know who is that little Blue alien?   

ZOROTL'S STORY- the authorized biography
INTERVIEW -An Interview with Zorotl

I Wanna Be ... an explorer
Meet the crew of the ADISAK, the Confederation Starship that travels around the Galaxy , searching for new forms of communication!
Mett the crew: Quark, JakaJee,Gregory, Elena
Adisak - the Zorotl's Starship
Take a look at the projects of this incredible piece of technology.

ADISAK- wireframes (confidential)

Gregory , Elena , Zorotl's secret weapons
Gregory Kaiamaduzukur and Elena Alukambaduamisaner despite the difficult names, are probably Zorotl's closest friends

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