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Universal Language
The Merchants
Arkanu Keykuo
Back On Tukon
Chased By Eiffel65
Zorotl Meets Eiffel65

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The Starship Adisak




What he did not know was that Humans had a strong sense of friendship, and that the two remaining humans  would have never let their friend be kidnapped, without fighting back or trying to free him.

The three humans had been friends for a long time, and their name was EIFFEL65.

They were famous on earth for being talented musicians and Musical scientists. Their research on music technology had greatly developed the knowledge of the use of the voice synthesis and Beat programming.

Space travels were quite common among humans, and what Sayok6 did not know as well,  was that EIFFEL65 had a starship  too, and they knew how to use it. Very well.

 Sayok6 could not believe his eyes . There was a human Star ship following him and in the star ship there were the 2 friends of the human he had taken!

Sayok6 wasn’t very worried, but he understood that humans were more advanced technologically than he thought, and  more than everything ,  they were kind of brave.

Anyway , he would have captured them later, once arrived on Tukon4.

Now he had other things to do. He recorded the music the humans  were playing while they were on  Earth, and now he was able to reproduce it. Then he had to prepare a crowd of Tukonians, and make the human play in front of them.  If they had liked the sound he was making , that would have meant Victory! Music was the final weapon  to peoples’ mind!

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