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Tukonians (as the inhabitants of Tukon4 were called) were, in ancient time, a fierce society  of warriors and soldiers, with the planet’s tribes clashing in frequent fights and wars.

 But in 36,784 (standard Galactic pulse) a sensible  Tukonian Doctor , Terky Habib Zorotlek II (who was , incidentally , an ancient relative of Zorotl) developed the so called multi-dimensional language,  a complicated form of communication that, in centuries and thanks to the development of their Art-Science, made Tukonians learn how to live with one another and communicate their feelings and thoughts as to prevent violence and misunderstandings. 


Multi-Dimensional Language

Basically, the Tukonian multi-dimensional language was a form of communication that could express through words, body gestures and psychic waves not only the meanings of a sentence , but also the feelings of the person that was talking mixed with the feelings of the person that was listening, bringing them to the same “wavelenght” .

With the application of  this method  of exchanging information, Tukonians quickly became  a very scientifically advanced society, with a gift for Art and Science.

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