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Once on Tukon4, Sayok6 called 2  guards that took the human, still frozen, into the Tukon arena. The human was transported directly into the arena where people were waiting. The crowd was curious  since Sayok6s friends went all over Tukon telling people that there would have been a memorable show, one they would have never forgotten.

When music started  playing in the arena, Tukonians looked at each other, surprised. What kind of sound was that, that  was passing through their ears , getting right into their mind, and making them feel like they wanted to move their feet and clap their hands? It was strange but nice.

Sayok6 gave the order to release the human.

The  action of the paralysing ray is  immediate, so people cant realizw they are being paralysed. In fact, the first reaction of a person released from the effect of the paralysing ray is  to keep on doing what he was doing before being paralysed.

And that was what the human did.

After being released he just kept on singing, right in time his song : Im Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba daa and the crowd went crazy!

 Now the Music was complete and, like a wave, it was catching each and every Tukonian in the crowd.

Sayok6 knew he had won.

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