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Universal Language
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In the meantime , on Tukon4,  Zorotl was almost completing his studies about the humans and the human language. It was strange but, even if humans were so different from Tukonians, he felt like they could have been, in some way, partners with him in the research on the “Universal Language”. Humans were a restless race always looking for something, even if sometimes , they did not know what they were looking for. Despite being primitive, they were trying to develop science and arts as well, and  despite being violent sometimes, they were capable of great  loving actions and care.

Now  his knowledge of the human language was almost complete, and he knew how to approach them: he would have asked them, gently, to teach him something about their “Music”, and to join him in the research of the Universal Language. He was confident they would have accepted: they were curious about the universe as much as he was. They would have been friends. 

Sayok6 had a problem: he did not expect that to make this “Music” there would be the need of  3 people. He thought that  only one was necessary and, by the way, he also thought: “how can I dominate the Universe if I have to share the power with another three people?” .

But apart from being an evil individual, Sayok6 was a Scientist, so he concentrated his attention on the details of the 3 people, trying to find a solution.

He understood they had different functions: One was touching  something with a kind of black and white key so probably that was an electronic device. He  did not need that one, since he could make any electronic device  himself. One was out. Another one was spinning some form of round, black disk. That one was probably using a Psychic wave generator, so he did not need that one as well. The third one was more interesting: he  was kind of “talking” to people, but his “speech “was somehow synchronised to  the rest of the sound, and the sound this human was making was the one that , from the instant Sayok6 started listening,  kept on bouncing in his mind. He was the one making the sound  “I’m Blue da Ba dee da Ba daa”…

So , that was the human  to kidnap and take to Tukon4  for the experiment. 

Sayok6 pointed the paralyzing  ray on the target, pressed the molecular transportation engine and one millipulse later, the human was transported inside the star Ship, frozen and locked in a spherical molecular-cage. “A piece of Tukonian cake” he thought laughing, while he was firing on the star ship engines, ready to leave the Earth’s orbit.

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