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Zorotl Project: “I wanna be”  

Zorotl appeared for the first time in the video of the first single of Eiffel 65 ‘s “Blue” . It was the song  “Blue”  that influenced the idea to paint his skin in blue .  
In the  beginning the character of Zorotl , was supposed to be “ The malicious one” but , since he came out with a  funny round physic , the authors of the video ‘s Blue liked him a lot , so to make him appear “lovely” , the authors changed the script , giving a happy ending to the story.  Now he is a protagonist, taking the role of a lead singer communicator , and captain of Bliss Co.’s new project “ I wanna be” by the Zorotl Project.
But Zorotl this time doesn’t come alone . His crews and him are in command of a galactic star ship , the space ship “ Adisak” , which travels to accomplish  the mission of exploring musical forms of communication inside of the galaxy , attempting to discover trough music an universal language.

Let’s meet Zorotl and his crew :

Zorotl  Sushik IV

the chief commandant. He comes  from “ Tukon 4” , planet  where living things are blue and habitants  have special talents  for arts .  
He is specialised in communication trough Music and Sound.

His real  is name is Zorotlekuykauo Sushik IV, but friends call him "Zorotl"

Gregory  Kaiamaduzukur
the senior officer, in charge of security and  takes place of the second commandant after Zorotl. He is an expert of “Jit kau du  , an alien martial art , he learnt from his travelling around the galaxy.
Elena Alukambaduamisaner
scientific officer. She discovered a rarely found race of amazing mechanical creature like Quark . She uses the Gradod Yo-Yo , a powerful alien weapon which looks like a Yo-Yo , that was found during the researches .
the head engineer of the space craft , he comes from the Floppy Planet which the habitants are formed from little cells gelatinous substance. Despite being awkward , his race is well known from being excellent in technology
was encountered during an exploration of a planet, he became one of the crews afterward. He has an extraordinary characteristic  : he produces a lot of useful tools coming from his mouth and Jakajee takes advantage of the objects by using them to repair the space craft .
In this episode:

Zorotls and his crews will encounter the evil people of the planet  “ Durai” here they are :

Elena & Gregory in the Duray Palace