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The Merchants
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Zorotl at the Universiity, with project of the "Adisak"

University of Tukon4

The Merchants


At the end of his education period, once he became an adult, Zorotl was admitted to the “Galactic Confederation Explorer Corp.”, where he quickly became one of the most skilled star ship commanders.

This gave  him the chance to travel around the galaxy.

In one of his trips, while he was resting and drinking a Kylanese tea  in a Galactic Bar on the planet Kylan-Ho, he met two merchants, one of whom  had just arrived from a long trip to a small planet, located almost on the other side of the galaxy. That was not strange, since merchants used to travel almost all their lives around the galaxy, looking for business,  but  this time, the attention of Zorotl was caught by the enthusiastic description that one of the merchants was making  regarding a strange form of communication that the inhabitants of that small planet used when they wanted to communicate information and  feelings. The first Merchant said to the other: “ Believe me my friend, I have never seen and heard anything like that. This people usually communicate  with a very primitive form of language but , thanks to some electronic instruments that they make, when they want to communicate to a higher level, they use this form of …I don’t know how to describe it… well, let’s say “Sound” … yes, this form of sound which can make you understand what the other person is saying, even if you do not know the language!” That was enough for Zorotl , who almost jumped on the merchant that was talking. “Excuse me, Sir –he said- my name is Zorotlekuykauo Sushik IV , but my friends call me Zorotl. I am a  Captain of the Galactic Confederation Explorer Corp. and I was listening to what you were saying to your friend. Please , can you tell me where  the planet you were talking about is and how this people call this form of communication?”

After this surprise, the merchant pulled himself together and replied: “ Oh yes, this population call that form of communication “Music” and they call their planet “Earth” and their race “Human”.

That’s exactly what Zorotl was looking for. “But be careful –the merchant added – Humans are an unpredictable population, they can be very good, but bad as well if they do not understand you”.

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