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Universal Language
The Merchants
Arkanu Keykuo
Back On Tukon
Chased By Eiffel65
Zorotl Meets Eiffel65

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The Starship Adisak


Zorotl was informed of this meeting at the Tukon arena by a friend: “C’mon Zorotl –his friend said- come , it should be fun, everybody says that it will be a great show with a new form of sound that should be entertaining and funny.”

So Zorotl went to the show and he could not believe what he saw: there was a human, who was probably a prisoner, singing the human “Music” . It was incredible, someone had stolen his idea, but he was not worried about that. The problem was the human who looked as he was lost, and more and more as surprised.

And then something incredible happened. Another human came down from the roof, tied with a rope, and with an incredible move he took away the human that was singing, and disappeared.

All the crowd was surprised and started shouting against Sayok6, asking him what was happening.

 Sayok6 was afraid, the crowd of Tukonians was over excited, that was another effect of “Music” that he did not know. He started to fear for his life.

In that moment, he saw Zorotl and he started to scream: “Zorotl save me , this people want to kill me , please, you know the human habits, please help me to capture them”

“Capture them – Zorotl said – are you  crazy like a Tukonian frog during the reproduction time?” “ Don’t you know that humans would fight ‘till the end and even if you captured them they would never  cooperate? How can you be so evil.” The crowd went  nearer Sayok6 who started shaking. “Please Zorotl help me to bring them back, I promise you that they will be treated like guests and that I will not touch them, and I will let them go away whenever they want.”


“OK- Zorotl said- I will try to call them back, but , I will not do it for your pleasure, but for the good of the galaxy, since , if we work together with the humans, we might find, one day, the Universal language that the galaxy needs.”

Zorotl gave the order to send a Gamma ray visual transmission, so that the 3 humans could see it. The message was written in human language and was “PLEASE COME BACK”.

The 3 humans called Eiffel65 saw this transmission and from their Star Ship, they accepted to listen to the  Zorotl message : “Hello human friends, my name is Zorotlekuykauo Sushik IV, but friends call me Zorotl. I am very sorry for what happened to you, but please let me explain the real story “ After having explained all the story to  Eiffel65, Zorotl said ” We are , in general peaceful people, and we are in love with the Science-Art that you call Music.  With your help, we would like to learn it, and to show you my good intention, if you allow me, I will go on stage  to sing your song “Blue” together with you, as a sign of friendship.”

 So that same night, Zorotl went on stage with Eiffel65, and in that very moment, he understood that yes, Music was the form of communication he was looking for, and that he had to travel the galaxy and the universe, to meet as many different forms of Music he could, and extract the key to the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE.