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Since he was young , Zorotl was a very talented little Tukonian, and by following his father in many of his explorations around the galaxy, he learnt a lot about different people, civilizations and cultures.

But  unfortunately, many of the people he met during his travels used to live in a violent environment, fighting against other races, and sometimes against each other.

Many times his father told him: “You know Zorotl, the greatest danger for the galaxy does not come from the black holes or from the Alpha rays, but from people who do not understand each other, and that consider the one that is different, a danger ”

Growing up, Zorotl learned from his mother how to communicate with Tukonians in the multi dimensional way, so Tukonians could understand and accept  him , but every time Zorotl would try to communicate with different races  from different planets in the multi dimensional language, they could not understand him, and sometimes they  turned evil  trying to attack him.

To a foreigner, the Tukonian multi dimensional language was just a scrambled bunch of gurgles ,body gestures and mental noises.

 His mother explained: “ You know Zorotl, Multi dimensional language is a very complete form of communication, but unfortunately, it is very difficult to understand and to learn by non-Tukonians. This is why it is impossible to teach it to the rest of the galaxy. I am sorry my son”

 But Zorotl could not stand not to be able to communicate completely, so he grew up with the strong desire of discovering a new form of communication that could be easily learned and understood by everybody in the Galaxy.

He spent all his student time in the Galactic School of Tukon4 concentrating on  communication subjects with good results, but unfortunately without any improvement on his “Universal Language” project.


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