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ZOROTL'S STORY- the authorized biography

Jen-Ewu Zorotlek Sushik III

Zorotlekuykauo Sushik IV (commonly known as “Zorotl”) was  born in 45,651 (Standard Galactic Pulse) , on the planet TUKON4, constellation Hr453from a family of scientists and explorers
This is his story , and the story of the way the idea of creating an Universal Language is leading his researches and his life

Bikkerder  plants

Hella Zorotlek Bayk

Zorotl's father, Jen-Ewu Zorotlek Sushik III, was a famous  explorer who significantly contributed to the development and construction of the STANDARD GALACTIC MAP ™which, as  of today, is the most advanced map of the known Galaxy.

Jen-Ewu Zorotl Sushik III discovered, among others, KEULLOY3, the planet of the BIKKERDER plants  .the Bikkerder plants were famous all over the galaxy for being the only vegetal form able to communicate by telepathy .
Someone said that Jen-Ewu Zorotl was probably the only individual in the world able to understand that a  plant could have thoughts and feelings, since Jen-Ewu was always trying to understand whatever form of life that was in front of him . Zorotl was influenced by him, and he spent most of his time travelling around the Galaxy with the father

 His mother Hella Zorotlek Bayk, used to be an Operative Artist (something in between a Scientist and  an Artist  given that Science and Art on Tukon4 were considered to be the same thing ) specialised in psychic communications.

From her Zorotl took the passion for visual and sound communication. The mother used to accompany the father in his travels around the Galaxy , making the function of Communication Officer, and , as the father always use to say , was “His hears and eyes in understanding the galaxy”