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Universal Language
The Merchants
Arkanu Keykuo
Back On Tukon
Chased By Eiffel65
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The Starship Adisak

Arkanu Keykuo - Sayok6

Arkanu Keykuo - Sayok6

Back in Tukon4, he started  thinking how to approach the humans, so he started learning  with the help of the translational  computer of Tukon University, the basics of the Human language, simple words such as “hello”, “I come in Peace” and so on.

 But, all this work was not going unnoticed .

 As in every place in the universe there is the good and the bad, and on Tukon4, the forces of the evil were at work. Another Tukonian scientist Arkanu Keykuo - Sayok6, was looking for the same “Universal Language” , but  for him the use of this discovery would have been dramatically different. Instead of using the Universal Language for a better understanding of People , Sayok6 had another plan in mind: To control and subject the  people of the galaxy with a language that could influence and dominate their will.

You know,  evil never sleeps.

Sayok6 immediately understood the power of this Human thing called “Music”. If  thanks to that, a primitive form of life like humans could disseminate their  believes and feelings through their primitive world in a very short time, then,  what powerful kind of tool could this “music” become in the hands of a determined , commanding person, with psychic powers like  Sayok6?

So , the evil plan of Sayok6 took place.

Thanks to the spies that Sayok6 disseminated all over the university, it was an easy task for him to know what Zorotl was looking for and where the Earth was located.

What they wanted to do was simple :  go on  earth, kidnap one human specialised in “music”, take him to Tukon4 , and make him play in front of a Tukonian crowd. If the Tukonians could understand this thing called “music” made by a Human, then it would mean that this “music” was powerful enough to influence everybody in the Galaxy, and with a little help of the Tukonian Science, and with the evil touch of  Sayok6 … well, the Galaxy would have had a new king: Sayok6.

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