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Universal Language
The Merchants
Arkanu Keykuo
Back On Tukon
Chased By Eiffel65
Zorotl Meets Eiffel65

Meet the crew

The Starship Adisak

Sayok6 scan the Earth


Having had enough information on the location , Sayok6 and another member of his gang  took a Star ship, destination Earth.

Thanks to the Hyperspace transducer, the trip was short and easy. The Earth looked a little different than they expected, but now, their main problem was : how can we come in touch with this “Music”?.

Sayok6 had an idea : if this “music” had the power to influence many people all together  at the same time almost hypnotising them, then, all they had to do was to look for a place on  earth with a lot of people, doing the same thing, and listening to some kind of “Sound” .

They quickly scanned the earth with an alpha channel visual scanner so they could look closely at its surface, and they found in  sector 78 , a large concentration of humans, apparently all doing the same thing, looking at something, all  in the same direction and clapping their hands.

Sayok6 zoomed in: at the front of this large crowd there were 3 humans, apparently using some kind of electronic device. Sayok6 decided to open the Sound Scanner as well. He pointed it in the direction of the 3 people and…. MUSIC!

So , that was  “Music”. He felt happy listening to that strange sound that was going “..I’m Blue da Ba Dee Da Ba Da….” And even if he could not understand what this people were saying he could feel the vibes of this sound touching his neuronal terminations, influencing his mood and feelings. It was true, this “Music” could influence people, even if not humans.

Yes! That was what he was looking for, the means by which  he could dominate the galaxy!

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