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Meet the crew

The Starship Adisak

An Interview with Zorotl

Surname : Zorotlekuykauo
: Sushik IV
NickName :
Date of birth
: 45,651 (Standard Galactic Pulse) , on the planet TUKON4

: Transparent
: light brown
: Galactic School of Tukon4
: Officer of the Galactic Confederation Explorer Corp

Parent Names,Profession, Age,residence

: Jen-Ewu Zorotlek Sushik III,  famous  explorer who significantly contributed to the development and construction of the STANDARD GALACTIC MAP
: Hella Zorotlek Bayk, Artist

: Quark
: Adisak Starship
Teenage Idol
: Doctor  Terky Habib Zorotlek II, creator of the multidimensional language

Favourite :

 -Food - Springrolls
- Book – “ The Adisak Operation Manual”
- Film -  “ The Big Bang ” of director Keeloo Kee , of Tukon 4
- Album – “ Sergent’s Pepper Lonely Hearts Club”

3 thing too take with you :
 My Starship ADISAK, A Gamma ray transmitter to talk with my friends, A lot of springrolls
Which living person would you like too meet:
My Father, he is away now from more than 9 galactic pulse, in a mission on the unexplored galaxy HR223, home of the evil Dummus Population,  I am a bit worried, since no transmission has been made since 2 galactic pulse
: Tukonian Chess
How do you relax in your spare time
: I stay with my friends
Have you ever been close to death:
Many times, you can watch the new episodes of  ZOROTL, the legacy, to have an idea of how many times the Adisak crew and I  have been in danger
Your Dream holiday:
½ galactic pulse on the beach of Rhimminy on the planet Ihataly

What do you like/dislike in  yourself : I like my dedication to my Mission, which  to explore and communicate with Alien civilizations. I do not like when I cannot understand them
What makes you laugh
: Interviews
Are you involved in any organization
? I am a Member of the Tukonian University of communication, officer of the Galactic Confederation Explorer Corp, Junior member of the Tukonian Chess Club
Are you married, fiancé (name , profession age)
: No private questions
Do you have children
? I am still to young…
Wish for the future
: To see my father again


- actor,
Buster Keaton, an actor from Planet Earth
- Actress,
 Haula Zekushik 2 the actress of “Back on Tukon”
- Fashion designer,
Australian Aborigines  , a very stylish population from Planet Earth

How would get a person of the opposite sex interested in you, What would you do, Say

On Tukon 4 to attract a girl we look at her and smile, if she smiles back then she is my friend.Very easy.
How would you describe yourself to a stranger
: A Blue guy coming from Tukon4
What should be written on your tombstone
: “ZOROTL, at the moment busy exploring the Paradise”
Which album would you destroy:
No music must be destroyed, someone made it, deserve respect
Your nightmare concerning the pop business
: Excuse my ignorance, but, what is “the Pop Business?”