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Universal Language
The Merchants
Arkanu Keykuo
Back On Tukon
Chased By Eiffel65
Zorotl Meets Eiffel65

Meet the crew

The Starship Adisak

KangYao , the king
he rules the planet Durai , capturing travellers from outer space,  to make them fight in front of people for fun and bets

Durai Figth Arena & Bodyguards
the Durai fight arena was built by the the king Kang Hiery 3 during the so called "Jaulay Submission war" against the Jaulays population, so to kill the prisoner Jaulays and entertain the Durai people.
From time to time the king's security, the infamous " Henmithangs" guards, use to ride and capture the Jaulay population, in order to make them fight with other aliens, captured directly by the king.

Capturing foreigners was the King's preferred sport and greatest pride.

An alien race , neighbors of the Duraians, put in captivity or   captured by the king's  Security guards , forced to fight for their life against other people , for the fun of the crowd.